Genre Deep Dive: The Universe of Science Fiction

Literature is a vast field, and each genre feels like a different journey. Today, let's navigate the intriguing terrain of Science Fiction.

A Brief History

Stories about unfamiliar worlds and intriguing possibilities have been around for ages. But the Science Fiction we're familiar with started gaining traction in the 19th century. Many credit Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein" as a foundational piece, masterfully blending science with human emotion.

Come the 20th century, and authors like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick began to shape the genre, making us ponder our relationship with technology and the cosmos.

What Makes Science Fiction Special?

A Few Subgenres to Consider

Must-Read Science Fiction Books

Book cover of the book Dune by Frank Herbert
Dunewritten by Frank HerbertDune unfolds on the desert planet Arrakis, the sole source of the universe's most valuable substance: the spice melange. Paul Atreides, a young noble, is thrust into a web of political intrigue and conflict when his family is betrayed by rival factions. As he navigates the treacherous landscape of Arrakis, filled with giant sandworms and age-old secrets, Paul discovers latent powers within himself.
Book cover of the book Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Foundationwritten by Isaac AsimovFoundation is set in a future Galactic Empire on the verge of collapse. Mathematician Hari Seldon, using a science called 'psychohistory' which predicts large-scale future events, foresees this decline. To mitigate the ensuing dark ages, he establishes the Foundation, an organization tasked with preserving humanity's knowledge. The novel follows the challenges faced by the Foundation in its early years.
Book cover of the book Neuromancer by William Gibson
Neuromancerwritten by William GibsonNeuromancer is set in a high-tech, dystopian future where cyberspace and artificial intelligence have transformed society. Case, a washed-up computer hacker, is hired by a mysterious employer to pull off the ultimate hack. Teaming up with a razor-wielding mercenary named Molly, he dives into the digital realm of the Matrix. As they navigate a world of corporate espionage, AI entities, and urban sprawl, they uncover a plot that blurs the line between human and machine.
Book cover of the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy
The Roadwritten by Cormac McCarthyThe Road paints a bleak post-apocalyptic world, where a father and his young son journey through a desolate landscape, devoid of life and filled with ash. Struggling to survive, they face hunger, harsh weather, and roving bands of cannibals. Amidst the devastation, the novel explores the depths of human resilience, love, and the lengths one will go to protect their loved ones, all while questioning what remains when civilization is stripped away.


Science Fiction is more than just space tales. It's a reflection of our hopes, concerns, and the big "What if?" questions we all have. Whether you're a seasoned Sci-Fi reader or just curious, there's a story out there that'll resonate with you. Dive in and enjoy the adventure!